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“Your marriage will be one of the defining moments in your life. Standing in front of the one that you love, committing to spending your lives together. This is a memory that you will treasure forever. Your wedding day goes past in a whirlwind, and you will want to be able to recall those exceptional moments that you hold dear in your heart, even when memories begin to fade.

I understand that choosing the right wedding photographer is essential. You need someone who you can trust to listen to your concepts, and produce forever memories in wedding photographs that surpass your every expectation.

My name is Agostino de Maio and I am an Italian wedding photographer with a vision. I consider it my mission to listen to what elements are important to you, and ensure they are captured with flawless style and beauty. I strive to produce images that reflect the essence of who you are as a couple and the unique love that you share.

I have grown up both in front of and behind the lens as the son of an accomplished photographer. I knew my passion from an early age and developed my skills at the London College of Communication with a Diploma in Professional Photography. I have been privileged to work in Milan for several notable modelling agencies and most recently, on the August 2015 campaign for Lui Jo.

I intend to continue living my life the way I have for the last 20 years, sharing my love of photography by capturing the places, people and moments that deserve to be remembered forever.”

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