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For A Fairytale Wedding Photography in Venice

Agostino De Maio is an award winning wedding photographer in Venice with a unique photographic style that combines the best of modern and traditional styles. Getting married in Venice – one of the most romantic places in the world – is the best way to celebrate your love. Agostino De Maio is a specialist in capturing the right moment without missing the real emotion, because when it comes to the wedding photography, the beauty lies in the details.

Capturing the Beauty of Venice with the Happy Couple

There is something about Venice that attracts thousands of couples from around the world to take their wedding vows here. Agostino has done wedding photography for many couples and knows the places so well. Whether you have decided to have a civil wedding ceremony in superb Palazzo Cavalli or one of the chapels:Santissimo Redentore, Santa Maria dei Miracoli, Agostino De Maio will capture each moment with precision.

After the wedding when you take a ride across the Grand Canal on a gondola, and cross the Rialto Bridge, Agostino will be there to catch every moment of the magical experience.

Superb Planning for Stress free Wedding Photography

We know how stressful a wedding day can be, when you want everything to be just perfect. That’s why our award winning wedding photographer in Venice Agostino De Maio will be planning ahead, so that you don’t have to worry about missing any of your special moments. Since, Agostino De Maio knows the place so well, he will be more than happy to suggest spots for great wedding shots. With candid and spontaneous shots of the wedding ceremony, décor and the actions, you can decide on what kind of wedding album you need.

Our renowned photographer Agostino De Maio will create a story out of your wedding photographs with strong visual impact. At the end of the day when, you look through your wedding album, you will be reliving the moment again. With the perfect planning, no time will be wasted on anything else.

Flawless Execution

Venice is known for hosting wedding ceremonies for a variety of communities. Whether you are having a regular civil wedding, catholic Christian wedding, Protestant Christian marriage, Jewish wedding or any other kind, you can rely on Agostino De Maio to capture the moments with perfect execution. The wedding receptions in the city of Venice’s luxurious hotels and private Renaissance palaces make for the perfect place for the wedding photography. The timeless pictures captured with perfection will remain etched in the minds of you and your family for years to come.

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