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Capture Your Wedding in Rome in Timeless Photographs

Rome is the perfect wedding destination for couples looking to make their wedding day special in this ancient city. The city is full of finest Catholic cathedrals, Protestant churches, ancient civil wedding palaces, Jewish synagogues and Greek Orthodox basilicas. All you need is the perfect wedding photographer in Rome, who can capture all the magnificent moments.

Agostino De Maio is an award winning professional wedding photographer in Rome. He is like an artist with a knack of telling compelling stories through the camera lenses.

One Wedding, Many Stories

The wedding is all about stories, the journey that brought two souls together. How about putting them in a photographic storybook? That’s exactly what Agostino De Maio specializes in – innovative photojournalism. His ability to capture the soul of a wedding is the true essence of his talents.

A wedding is not just about the couples, it’s also about the families and friend and their stories. Through his camera lenses, Agostino De Maio brings out the beauty of togetherness in every person and capture the moments that best describes the connections with the ones you love the most.

An Experienced and Innovative Wedding photographer in Rome

Agostino De Maio has covered many weddings throughout the Italy and this very experience makes him the favorite with the couples. A wedding photographer has to know when the right moment to click the camera is. With his innovative, natural, contemporary style, Agostino De Maio’s portfolio is truly a work of art.

Agostino De Maio has been Amalfi photographer in Italy for many years and can travel any direction to document your fairy-tale ending.

A wedding Album that’s truly yours

The wedding album is all handmade in Italy with precision and artistic skills. The album will combine the best shots of your wedding day as well as on location- together- shots. Your wedding photographer in Rome, Agostino De Maio will be available on chat and Skype to discuss the details of your wedding. It’s your wedding, you are the boss. Things will be done exactly the way you want. You can choose the wedding pictures – a mix of colored and black and white photos – for your album.

Agostino De Maio is a professional wedding photographer, a graduate from the London college of Communication and has featured in the Professional Photographer Magazine in the UK.  With a passion for delivering the best, he will be giving you everlasting images for you to relive your wedding day time and time again.

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