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Wedding in Puglia


Wedding in Puglia

For your perfect wedding day

Once you get to see Puglia with your own eyes you fall in love with this region forever. Apulia, or Puglia in Italian, with it’s amazing sea-to-sky views, clear blue water and stunning white-sand beaches is also rich in local flavour. Scenic landscapes and pristine nature blend here with the traces of beautiful baroque history and truly Italian spirit. Located at the heel of Italy’s boot, this southern region is stretched along the Mediterranean sea. There are many comfortable villas and hotels that can accommodate any number of guests. If you prefer celebrity-style chic wedding, you may want to explore the Borgo Egnazia Resort, where Jessica Biel and Justin Timberlake tied the knot. But no matter which venue you choose, your guests will remember your wedding in Puglia as the wonderful vacation, the time for which they said goodbye to their daily lives and dived into beautiful Italian culture and laid-back lifestyle.

Beach Wedding

There is a good chance you are already inspired by the romantic beach wedding photos, just think for a moment that you and your fiancee could get even better ones. How beautiful would it look and how incredible will you feel when repeating your vows standing so close to the sea!Italian law requires couples to get married in church or in city hall, but because Puglia is not yet crowded by tourists, you may be able to arrange an additional symbolic ceremony on the beach after the official marriage procedure.Another good reason to choose Puglia for your wedding is the weather. It gets warm early in the southern part of Italy. The average temperature in March is around 20 degrees.

Wedding in Puglia – Gastronomy

Apulia is famous for its’ wine and olive oil. This region is actually called “wine cellar of Europe”. While you are here you and your guests will enjoy Italian kitchen, which means not only pizza and pasta, but also seafood, lasagna, cheeses, local fruits… the list can go on and on. Make sure to drink plenty of local coffee and eat a lot of ice cream too.

Wedding in Puglia – Attractions

Perfect white-sand beaches are located in Salento Area. But although they are beautiful, this is not the only reason to opt for wedding in Puglia. Puglia is still developing as a tourist destination, but for a curious traveller this region has a lot to offer. Trulli zone, the area in the city of Alberobello, has even been declared UNESCO World Heritage site. Trullis are unique conical houses that you won’t find anywhere else. Bari is another town that deserves attention, it is the biggest town in Puglia and has a lot to amaze you. There is very interesting historic centre with narrow streets, and also a lot of bars, restaurants and shops, not to mention scenic promenade, old castle and the Church of Saint Nicolas. The Castel Del Monte is also a must-see attraction in Puglia. It was build in 13th century and has unusual octagonal shape. The Baroque city of Lecce is a place in southern Puglia that deserves attention as well as the small seaside towns.

Puglia which still can be called undiscovered region is great for a very special and very Italian-styled celebration. Couples come here to feel the enchanting atmosphere of Puglia, discover stunning postcard-like views of the sea, taste delicious gastronomy and wine, and enjoy visiting ancient cities. Your guests will keep perfect memories of your Wedding and so will you and your fiancé.

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