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Turin wedding photographer

You must choose the fotografo-matrimonio-torino.jpg photographer for your wedding but are you afraid of making a mistake?

Here are 7 basic tips to find the right person for you!

If you don’t want to throw a month’s salary and more into a photo album that is only good as firewood for your fireplace, stop for a moment, read

carefully this article and then choose the best photographer for your wedding

So you’re getting married…

I can already imagine how busy you are in choosing the right clothes, the right shoes, not to mention the witnesses, the place that will host the lunch and who knows how many other things! Yes, there are so many things you need to take care of and they all seem very important. Of course, your wedding will be an unforgettable event, the most beautiful and important day of your life and everything must be absolutely perfect.

But have you thought about what’s left of all this when the wedding day is over? What will remain of everything you and your loved one have experienced during this memorable day?

To relive the joys, smiles and tears of that day together, choose the right photographer for your wedding

Your wedding photographer will have a huge responsibility : capture the images of that day to make them always alive, throbbing and evocative despite the passing of time.

Have you thought about what might happen if you choose the wrong person? I know, you are afraid of spending too much and so you are already thinking about trusting the friend who recommended your uncle, because he has the professional camera and once he took pictures of the beach which then garnered good marks on Instagram, right?

Congratulations, you’re making sure the most disastrous results ever! The best thing that could happen is to receive a CD full of unsettled images and leave it there to get dusty because you just don’t know what the hell to do with it. …

Do you want to end up like Alessandro and Erica?

The worst thing, however, is what happened to a couple of my friends a few years ago: Alessandro and Erica. I attended their wedding and it was truly a beautiful event, from the ceremony to the delicious fish-based lunch, not to mention the enchanting location chosen (a renowned restaurant in a well-known and particularly popular area in summer on the Conero Riviera, in the Marche region. ). The problem was precisely the choice of the photographer for their wedding, but, unfortunately for the couple, they realized it only a few weeks later, once they received the photos.

The photographer in charge was a mutual friend of ours, Pasquale, who I knew was a good amateur, but nothing more. My doubts were confirmed three weeks later, when the two newlyweds spouses received the photos and… horror !!! Here it is difficult to adequately express the enormous destruction that was done by Pasquale, albeit in good faith. Between photos that came out badly because they were blurry or taken at the wrong time and photos clumsily placed on the computer with scandalous effects and filters, the entire CD containing just over 300 images was practically all to throw away . Only a few posed photos taken at lunch and some photos taken in the church had turned out decently well, but all in all they were images of secondary importance. The only important photo that came out well was the exchange of the rings, at least that one!

In short, the two had to stage a remake of their wedding , practically a sad farce. They put on their clothes again, called the guests back (and luckily some of them accepted the invitation) and repeated some situations and some poses under the lens of a professional photographer . Indeed, they even had to have the wedding cake re-prepared to redo the photo of the cut: absurd!

And you want to end up like them? If you want to avoid a disaster and don’t want to waste time and money, then read this article to the end, because you will find 7 fundamental tips for choosing the best photographer for your wedding.

1. Your wedding photographer must be a professional!

Imagine finding yourself in 30 years with your beloved bride or your beloved husband, sitting together on the sofa in your living room, happy, tenderly exchanging the same smiles and looks you did when you fell in love, holding hands , as you browse through the scrapbook of the day that united you forever.

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