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Destination wedding photography Italy


Destination wedding photography Italy

6 Reasons Why You Should Have a Destination Wedding photography in Italy


Italy has always been a crowd-favorite when it comes to destination weddings even before celebrities and high-profile couples have ever made a trend out of it. If you are hesitating on booking your destination wedding in Italy or if you still aren’t quite convinced on how perfect your wedding day will look on the Italian coast, here are 6 reasons why Italy is simply the destination for you and your future spouse.


  1. Soak up on the history

    As home to the Greeks and the Romans, Italy has a colorful and powerful history that continues to be a part of the modern Italy we know and love today. From the towering castles to the breath-taking cathedrals, the bride and the groom would definitely stand out in their wedding photos simply just for the background. Wedding guests, on the other hand, can enjoy historical tours and city exploration to further enrich their stay in Italy and to get a better grasp of the history of Rome itself from the massive Pantheon, the impressive Colosseum, to the well-preserved Roman town of Pompeii.


  1. Marvel at the sights and scenes

    From the breath-taking Amalfi coast to the magnificent Venetian canals, Italy as a backdrop for your destination wedding is simply exquisite. With the diverse landscape of the Italian peninsula, there is surely something in store for everyone. For couples who would love the architecture, the art, and even the centuries-old structures, Italy is filled with remnants of the past that housed the Greeks and the Romans. For couples that are more of the outdoorsy type, the rolling hills of the Tuscany countryside and the overlooking villages by the Capri coast can never disappoint. The only issue is to book a great wedding photographer, one who is able to capture the picturesque sights and the unforgettable moments from the day as well.


  1. Immerse in the culture and the people.

    Known for their being passionate, romantic, and highly social, the Italians are such a delight to visit and to engage with. The entire wedding party can surely enjoy an authentic experience of “la bella vita” while celebrating the bride and the groom’s special day. Learn the lingo and understand the Italian way of living as you get a first-hand knowledge of when la passeggiata can be enjoyed and on how to properly drink your espresso.


  1. Enjoy the outdoors

    Most people would think that a destination wedding in Italy would involve the mainland attractions, but little is known about the archipelago’s paradise havens and secret island beaches. Explore the natural side of Italy, with its long coastlines, clear blue Mediterranean waters, and its astonishing islands. Get that dream destination wedding scene of exchanging vows right by the beach as the sun sets and party with your loved ones under the beautiful night sky. Not only will you get to have the best wedding photos to bring back home, but you’ll also get sand in your shoes, tan lines, and incredible memories to cherish together with your new spouse.


  1. Indulge in the cuisine

    The pizza, the pasta, the wine, and the all of the glorious bounty – Italian food cannot be taken lightly as the Italians take their food seriously. Each meal or course is certainly made fresh, made by hand, and made with love. From the appetizers up to the wedding cake, Italy can whip up an entire cornucopia of everything scrumptious and delicious that’s sure to make each wedding guest want more and more. Imagine being able to serve authentic Italian dishes and toasting to Italian wine during the wedding reception, what a divine treat for the newlyweds and the wedding guests!


  1. Fall in love over and over again

    From Venice being known to be the City of Love to the passion that is embodied in the people, food, and culture, Italy will simply make you fall in love with itself. With great food, beautiful surroundings, and good company, destination weddings are perfect to be held in Italy. Wedding photographers would love shooting frame after frame of the wedding party enjoying themselves during the reception and of the newlyweds blissfully reveling in the magical day they have just had in one of the most romantic places in the world.


Be it a big and traditional or small and intimate, destination weddings can have a perfect spot in Italy. With the abundance of hearty and gratifying food, breath-taking landscapes, and fascinating historical spots, no bride and groom can ever go wrong in picking Italy as their wedding destination. So go ahead, pick a date, book your flights, and choose a wedding photographer and come to Italy to celebrate love, life, and new beginnings.

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